DeFi’s Debt Marketplace​

Uncollateralized Lending Solutions

Unlock the Power of Debt

Debt DAO is creating a decentralized, permissionless marketplace to buy, sell, underwrite and manage debt for the DeFi economy.

Initially Debt DAO will focus on revenue based financing, targeting growth stage DAOs that already have onchain revenue.

Need capital to grow your DAO?

Use cases

Asset Acquisition

Acquire strategic assets for the treasury with minimal or no collateral requirements.

Line of Credit

Access a credit line of stablecoins for working capital when you need it.

Undercollateralized Loans

Borrow capital to fund your DAO and keep your governance/native tokens.

Need a Different Solution? Talk to Our Team.​

Get in touch with a member of our team to talk about custom debt solutions for your DAO.

Why Debt DAO?

Borrow against future revenue
Undercollateralized lending​
No identity verification required (KYC)​
No sudden liquidations​
Avoid selling native tokens for stables​
Automated repayment options​


P2P Loan Contract

Enables borrowers and lenders to create customizable lending solutions.

Spigot Smart Contract

Enables collateralization of future revenues.

Debt DAO Marketplace

Aggregates borrowers, lenders and service providers, allowing lending solutions to be created permissionlessly.


Q1 2022
Spigot Development
  • Spigot contract development
  • First loan proposal goes live on Redacted forum
  • Complete branding
Q2 2022
P2P Loan Development
  • P2P loan prototype development
  • Integrate spigot into P2P loans
  • Audits
Q3 2022
Release Web App
  • First P2P loans
  • Open marketplace forum
  • Public webdapp released
  • Tokenomic design to coordinate marketplace
Q4 2022
Grants and Bonds
  • Grants program
  • Convertible bonds

Launch Partners